Sudan Now formally ended in December 2011. The campaign, founded collectively in the summer of 2009 by a group of human rights organizations, challenged the U.S. government to advance the cause of peace in Sudan and South Sudan during some of the most critical moments in their history.

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In July, South Sudan became an independent country and finally freed itself from the genocidal dictatorship of the northern Government of Sudan. However, those left behind continue to suffer.

We've uncovered evidence of mass graves of civilians and spoken with many people currently suffering from these attacks while facing the prospect of severe famine.

You can help stop these horrible crimes.

Call the White House now to tell them to provide the people of Sudan the urgent medical and humanitarian assistance they desperately need. 202-456-1111

What will your phone call do?

The success of our past efforts shows that calling the White House in large numbers and putting public pressure on the US government matters to the Obama administration. If we let them know that this is important to us as Americans, they will be more likely to take action.

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You can also Read our full list of recommendations for the US Government and the international community.


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